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Tough Questions for Hillary Clinton About Energy Policy

Now that Hillary Clinton is a presidential candidate, she needs to explain where she stands on one of the most important public policy issues of our time: energy


A Down-Payment On Americans' Electronic Privacy

Updating ECPA for the Internet Age would allow Congress to show that it is sensitive to Americans’ privacy concerns and to reaffirm our Fourth Amendment protections. 


Big-Spending Republicans Haven't Learned Their Lesson Yet


Chris Christie Proves He Can Redistribute Money Like Barack Obama


Giovanetti: HB 40 Positive Step To Uphold Rule of Law in Texas


Drug R&D Costs: $1.7 Billion and Rising

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April 30, 2015

IPI's 10th Annual World IP Day Celebration

Please join us at our special tenth annual World IP Day event as we explore emerging issues in intellectual property, including patent reform, the new role of the record label in the digital music era, and the increasing importance of IP to U.S. trade issues.

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The High Cost of Inventing New Drugs--And of Not Inventing Them

The cost of developing new prescription drugs is very expensive—a process made even more expensive than it has to be because of excessive government restrictions and limited patent life. However, not developing new drugs can also be expensive, both in financial and human costs.

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A bill working through the Texas Legislature, HB 40, is a positive step toward making sure that rule of law, not majority tyranny, governs municipal rule-making. Tom Giovanetti discusses with 660 AM The Answer’s Mark Davis. 

Something You Probably Don't Know About Electronic Privacy

An outdated, 30-year old law governing electronic privacy is in severe need of updating for the Internet Age.

State of Tennessee vs. Federal Communications Commission

In which the State of Tennessee stands up against the FCC and for the Constitution.

An Exchange of Hill Letters on Copyright

Supporters of copyright vs. the copyright skeptics

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April 30, 2015
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