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Obama Just Gave Companies Another Reason Not To Hire Low-Income Workers

In his State of the Union address, the president challenged Congress to pass legislation that “gives every worker in America the opportunity to earn seven days of paid sick leave.” And that’s on top of forcing employers to provide health insurance and pushing for a 40 percent increase in the minimum wage.


Obama's SOTU Proposals Could Put More Than 57% Of The Public On The Federal Dole

Adding in President Obama’s costly new entitlement programs outlined in his State of the Union address could put a back-of-the-envelope estimate of about 180 million Americans on the government dole.


It's Really, Really Time to Ban Internet Discrimination Forever


The Needed Education Agenda: Schooling Obama in Tax Principles


The President Who Brought You The Failed ObamaCare Website Now Wants To Bring You Government Internet


A Truer Value of Art and Culture

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Wind Production Tax Credit Imposes High Costs

U.S. taxpayers have been subsidizing wind energy for decades. The primary focus of that subsidy has been the Production Tax Credit, which ended in 2013. But powerful forces want to reinstate the PTC, even though wind energy imposes huge costs on ratepayers and taxpayers at a time when fossil-fuel generated electricity is getting cheaper and cleaner.

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Obama's SOTU Tax Proposals Miss the Mark

Merrill Matthews contrasts the president’s SOTU proposals with positive tax reform measures, explaining how not all tax increases or tax cuts are created the same when it comes to their impact on economic growth. 

An Issue In Which We Can Agree: Fast Tracking the TPP

Trade may be the one area in which Congressional Republicans and the president can easily work together, and Merrill Matthews discusses the benefits of fast tracking the TPP in this interview with KMED's Bill Meyer.  

An Orchestrated, Loud Guffaw

Obama seems more interested in poking his opponents in the eye and scoring points with his bedrock liberal supporters than accomplishing things with the remainder of his presidency.

Dear God, let this be the low point!

So Secretary of State John Kerry's idea of diplomacy is to take James Taylor to France and have him sing to the French people "You've Got a Friend?!"

IPI Moves Headquarters to Las Colinas

The move provides a larger office with expanded facilities in which to engage the community as well as a more central location to connect with and serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 


Come by and see us:
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