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So That's What Happened to My Raise

Yes, wage compensation appears to have been stagnant for decades, but that's not the whole story.


The Left's Secret Ploy to Subsidize Obamacare for Illegal Immigrants

In pushing through Obamacare, President Obama initially agreed that illegals would not have access to taxpayer subsidies. That was only a ruse to get the law passed. Now the left is moving forward with its real agenda.


Transparently Hypocritical at the FCC and Public Knowledge


With the EU Tax Grab, Apple Is Only the Beginning


If Student Loan Debt Is a 'Crisis,' What Does That Make Mortgage Debt?


Blame Government for Ford's Decision to Move Small Car Production to Mexico

Feature Publication


Elements of a 21st Century Pro-Growth Immigration System

This paper suggests several new policies designed to create a reasonable, secure, functioning immigration system that is in the best interests of the United States. It further suggests a specific approach to dealing humanely and realistically with the current illegal population.

Latest Audio

Biometric Tracking and Immigration Policy

Tom Giovanetti joins Mark Davis on 660 AM - The Answer to discuss his recent policy paper, Elements of a 21st Century Pro-Growth Immigration System, and how one of those ideas, biometric tracking, was featured in the Trump speech.

So It Turns Out That Trade Agreements ARE in America's Best Interests

Donald Trump is wrong. Trade agreements do not make the US vulnerable to unfair foreign competition. In fact, it’s the trade agreements themselves that establish rules, penalties, and enforcement mechanisms so markets can function and the best producers succeed.

IPI's Advocacy on Municipal Broadband Networks: A 12-Year Update

A couple of weeks ago, back on August 29th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) once again lost a major case when the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled unanimously in favor of the states and against the FCC’s brazen attempt to overrule state laws regulating municipal (government-owned) broadband networks.

When Academics Try to Silence Debate

Weakening copyright is a major issue with the FCC's set-top box proposal. That's a bug, but some IP skeptic academics think it's a feature

Classic Research

Puerto Rico: A History of Economic Problems

Puerto Rico's financial crisis and impending bankruptcy is at the forefront of policy news. This 2003 paper from IPI accurately forecasted economic problems for the territory and suggested a number of pro-growth economic reforms, which should still be implemented as part of the debt solution.


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