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The Company Behind the Keystone XL Pipeline Wins an Environmental Award

TransCanada, the Canadian company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, was just recognized for its pro-environment efforts; so what's President Obama's excuse for not approving it now?


Black Thursday Is Coming in December: Politicians Want Green, Taxpayers Will See Red!

A tax increase is usually the result of Congress acting; in this case Americans will get an estimated $14.7 billion tax increase next year if Congress doesn't act—by passing an extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act. The obstacle to this extension is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has his own tax-increase legislation, the Mainstreet Fairness Act.


Comparing The Failed "Ebola-Care" And Obamacare Rollouts


Fracking Ban Vote Is Much Bigger Than Denton


Lego My LEGOs


Obama Admin Should More Cautiously Protect Core Internet Functions from UN Takeover

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Why Intellectual Property Should Be Included In Trade Agreements

IP goods are the largest share of U.S. exports and support a significant portion of the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy is increasingly dependent on the products of innovation, so policies that support innovation and creativity should be priorities for the U.S. government, especially in trade agreements. And nudging our trading partners toward greater respect for intellectual property rights also turns out to be in their best interests.

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Obama Tries Sinking His Teeth Into Competition

Is the Obama administration finally putting some teeth behind boosting competition? 

Ending Sugar Subsidies the Right (the Only?) Way

A global agreement is the best and maybe the only way to end U.S. sugar subsidies.

Giovanetti Talks Denton Drilling Ban on The Blaze

IPI president Tom Giovanetti recently joined The Blaze’s Jacki Daily in studio to discuss the proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing in Denton, Texas.

Good Riddance, FCC Blackout Rules

The NFL can no longer blame the FCC for sports blackouts, because the FCC is no longer involved in the NFL's business model (at least in this regard)

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Matthews on Fox with Bret Baier

What are the political implications of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent indictments? IPI's Merrill Matthews tells Fox News it may actually bolster Perry's presidential aspirations. 


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