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The Clouded Judgment of Tax Authorities

Revenue agencies will often seek to extend taxes well beyond what was contemplated when legislation was enacted, in the name of securing ever more money for government, even to the detriment of innovation.


If You Were Oreo, You'd Leave Chicago, Too

Chicago, Illinois, and the U.S. shouldn’t expect companies to invest at home when their policies send the opposite message.


Obama Should Give Americans the Same Deal He's Giving Iran


Four Takeaways From the Stock Market Slide


Here Come the Obamacare Price Control Police


How Liberals Are Giving Your Job To Robots

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September 25, 2015

What Should the U.S. Do About Climate Change? Three Policy Perspectives

Discussants including energy policy experts, economists, and former elected officials will discuss the range of policy options available to the U.S. regarding climate change, examining the merits of each, such as carbon taxes versus other tax incentives, green technology investment, and cap and trade. 

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The Private Sector Can Reform Social Security's Disability Program

Social Security's disability program is in bad financial shape. A private sector reform, modeled after a program that's been around for nearly 35 years, would provide the disabled and survivors with better benefits while helping remove some of the strain from Social Security.

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Matthews On Monday's Stock Market Slide

IPI resident scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews joins WAVA’s Don Kroah to discuss reasons behind the “Black Monday” stock market slide and whether it’s temporary or part of long-term trend. 

Stopping Criminals Isn't "Censorship"

It's always about censorship. It's always about SOPA. Give it a rest.

Tom Giovanetti Gives His Take on First GOP Debate

In an interview with CTV News, IPI's Tom Giovanetti gives his assessment of Thursday night's Fox News Channel Republican debate. "It was a fabulous debate. It showed how much energy there is on the Republican side."

The Australia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement Did NOT Blow-up Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Program

Australian negotiators should not be influenced by academics whose hyperbolic predictions have proven to be false.

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