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The Death of Death Panels

The initial debate over Obamacare's "death panels" was a little overblown, but the potential was real. The death panel is currently in limbo, but the economic forces inherent in Obamacare could revive the death panel some time in the future.


Comments to the FCC Opposing Federal Preemption of State Municipal Broadband Limitation

It would be unconstitutional for the FCC to preempt prudent state laws restricting municipal broadband projects, which have largely been wastes of taxpayer dollars,


What's Up With Health Insurance Premiums -- Besides Politics?


So Much for the European Model


It's Time to Update Lagging U.S. Energy Infrastructure


Foreign Tensions Shows Need to Open Energy Exports

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Challenges for Wind Energy's Future

The U.S. has spent billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing wind energy. And while the industry is growing, it's expensive, unreliable and supplies only a small portion of the country's energy needs. Congress is backing away from its longtime support for wind subsidies, and given the growing availability of inexpensive fossil fuels for energy generation, that's the right move.

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Warren Buffett Wants a Whopper of a Tax Cut

Investor Warren Buffett has famously wanted the rich to pay higher taxes. Just not him or any of his companies.

Muni Broadband Isn't About the Unserved

Wilson NC's municipal broadband network seems more interested in providing service to the already served rather than to the unserved.

Independent, Technical, Multistakeholder Organizations that Have Become Part of the United Nations

It's not like it's never happened before.

Piracy Killing Movie Franchises

Piracy may not be the only factor behind a movie's underperformance, but it's clear that it can be a major factor.

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Matthews on Fox with Bret Baier

What are the political implications of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's recent indictments? IPI's Merrill Matthews tells Fox News it may actually bolster Perry's presidential aspirations. 


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