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The Justice Department Tries to Correct Chief Justice Roberts's Travesty

Legal challenges to Obamacare are giving Chief Justice John Roberts a chance to redeem himself and his self-professed adherence to originalist principles.


Expanding Broadband Access while Preserving Market Competition

Proposed legislation in Georgia would expand broadband access by allowing electric co-ops to enter the broadband market. It also properly includes the necessary protections to ensure competition, such as barring the new co-op broadband entrants from charging exorbitant fees to their competitors for utility pole attachment.


How Congress Uses Investigations to Let Companies Know Who's Boss


Letter to the Georgia Legislature On Pole Attachment Fees


The Patriot's Guide to Socialism


Coalition Letter to the 116th Congress Urging the Protection of Intellectual Property

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April 16, 2019

Is Social Justice Just? A Conversation with Noah Rothman

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On the Edge: America Faces the Entitlements Cliff

A new book, “On the Edge: America Faces the Entitlements Cliff,” shows how the U.S. can move away from the crumbling patchwork of unsustainable government programs and easily address funding for healthcare, welfare, and retirement in a way that is financially sustainable long-term.

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It's Back: Socialism

Self-proclaimed democratic socialists are increasingly driving the direction of the Democratic Party. IPI’s Dr. Merrill Matthews joins Don Kroah on WAVA – FM in Washington DC to discuss how the “rogue element” is undermining Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leadership, whether or not it will last, and how it may shape the 2020 presidential election.

On Electoral College: Direct Democracy vs Constitutional Republic

As Democrats call for abolishing the Electoral College, some Republicans are defending the idea, but in so doing, are betraying the spirit of the constitutional republic as it was originally envisioned by the Founders.

Giovanetti Testimony: Let Private Companies Build Infrastructure

New legislation before the Texas legislature wrongly assumes that private sector use of eminent domain is more problematic than government use.

New GIPC International IP Index Shows Improvements for US, Need for Further Action

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